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  • You will add/strengthen your military and veteran business;
  • Increase credibility within the community by supporting our heroes; and
  • Engage in a community of peers that are passionate about advocating for veteran homeownership.
  • FREE Exclusive Training - VAREP members are educated on military and veteran housing as well as other veteran topics through online webinars. Training and education webinars are offered four times per year.
  • Industry Reports & Statistics - VAREP members have access to industry reports and statistics that have to do with all things military and veterans. In-depth analysis editorials with a special focus on veteran housing issues are also provided.
  • VARAP Talk Radio- Tune in to VAREP’s online blog talk radio show. Listen to informative interviews from our partners, community and government organizations covering all topics concerning military and veteran issues.
  • Networking, listing and referral opportunities from VAREP member’s directory – VAREP members are encourage to network with other members in order to grow their business.
  • Discounts to VAREP national events – VAREP members are entitled to receive discounts to attend two national conferences per year.
  • Use of VAREP Logo – VAREP members are granted the download and use of the VAREP logo.